Floor Scrubbing & Surface Polishing Services

Scrubbing a cold surface floor is not an easy task, one needs really hard effort to shine the floor. With the experience and expertise in floor scrubbing and surface polishing, Vibhinna Cleaning Services experts keep your floors shiny and clean. A deeply damaged floor is completely fixed by our professional cleaning team which uses high quality of equipments and materials. Regular effective methods of floor scrubbing of your premises will remove dirt, scratches, cement, stains from your floor and maintaining safety.

Vibhinna cleaning services includes interiors and exteriors, kitchens, offices, restaurants, hard floors and carpets. All the equipments, machines, liquid solutions used are of high quality to maintain the floor shine and aroma. Surface polishing removes the dirt, stains and avoiding scratches from the surface of your floor. Our surface polishing services provides wooden floors, concrete floors and metal floors.

We use different solutions that include:

  • Marble grinding & subsequent protection by crystallization
  • Acrylic floor polishing liquid is used for your flooring to remove dirt.
  • Wax polish application
  • Granite restoration & polishing
  • Sealing of porous floors
  • Scrubbing of industrial shop floors

Working with complete flexibility, we adapt to the client requirements providing the customer with quick, professional and accurate services at very competitive prices. Our services cater to both commercial and residences, where our valued customers are satisfied with us.

Vibhinna Cleaning Services
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