One Time Deep Cleaning

Many times a simple clean and tidy is not sufficient; you need a complete Deep Cleaning service at home or work place. There are many places which are cleaned during your daily clean-up process, but some places are hard to clean such as under the bed, inside the refrigerator or freezer/oven, etc. In this situation, one time deep cleaning is very helpful for you, Vibhinna Cleaning Services are consistent, customized and offered to residential and commercial places at affordable rate.

All the equipments and techniques used in one time deep cleaning are of high quality that provides maximum satisfaction to the clients. There are many residences and offices which doesn't require daily or monthly basis cleaning, hence we would recommend one time deep cleaning service that would require cleaning for better living, hygienic environment.

Our staff works according to client's requirement like deep kitchen cleaning or special cleaning attention towards bathrooms and toilets. One time deep cleaning service includes:

  • Domestic cleaning services are offered both as one-time cleaning and on periodic basis. Our staff surveys cleaning requirements of your flat and on that base custom service is tailored to your home.
  • A dedicated, experienced group of cleaners are selected to clean your home with bio-degradable chemicals, state-of-the-art machines and equipments.
  • One time deep cleaning work carried by us includes:
  • Removal of cobwebs and dry/wet cleaning of walls.
  • Cleaning of window panes and window channels.
  • Dusting of furniture and household appliances.
  • Disinfecting of bathrooms and toilets.
  • Vacuum cleaning of sofa/chairs and mattress.
  • Manual scrubbing of flooring.
Vibhinna Cleaning Services
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