Window Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning is a difficult task as it consumes more time, it's recommended to get professionals for cleaning your windows. At Vibhinna Cleaning Services, our staff provides full range of window cleaning to residences, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, commercial complexes, etc. at affordable prices. Our challenging staff removes dirt and stains from facade exposed to the environment and weather conditions.

Regular Facade and Window cleaning will maintain the longevity of building and property value. We use specialized liquid solution that is capable of cleaning the glass and delivers natural shine to your glass. All the equipments utilized for window cleaning are latest and of high quality that will avoid scratches to glass.

Window cleaning services include:

  • Interior and Exterior Window cleaning
  • Facade Window cleaning
  • Maintenance of window cleaning
  • Skylights
  • Storm window cleaning
  • Low rise window cleaning
  • Office buildings and office parks
  • Restaurants, Jewellery shops, Banks, Beauty shops, Hospitals, etc.

Our staff provides efficient high quality window cleaning even where access is not possible. Window cleaning type includes tile, slides, fixed position windows, storefront glass and partitions. Before commencing on any of our services, we ensure our cleaners are aware of health and safety regulations. Depending on the clients need and requirement, window cleaning services are provided monthly, quarterly or annually basis.

Vibhinna Cleaning Services
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