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At Fregro claning services, we give to personal hygiene, we often overlook parts of our home that can become a hotbed of germs. Bathrooms especially in Bangalore have hard water stains due to the hardness of water a s result of which hard water stains from the glass as well as floor have to be removed or reduced.

If you want the work done right first time consider calling Fregro BathRoom Cleaning Services. With our trainer crew, no job is daunting for us and that makes us the best deep cleaning service in Bangalore.

Take advantage of our home bathroom cleaning service that includes:

Bathroom basin cleaning-

Faucet polishing with faucet cleaners and shiners

Pot cleaning (Indian commode or Western Closet (WC))

Bathroom tile cleaning with acid-based cleaners for hard water stain removal (for marble floors, we use neutral cleaners; 100% stain removal is not guaranteed)

Bathroom exhaust cleaning

Window cleaning

Bathroom mirror cleaning

Wall scrubbing (stain and mold cleaning)

NOTE: We use only the best industry-grade cleaning solutions that are safe and effective. Our teams are trained on the care and treatment of different materials used in domestic bathrooms. You can use the bathroom immediately after cleaning as you don’t get a strong acidic smell from the solutions we use.

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