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Fregro Home Cleaning Services is one of the best home, Office, Corporate & Industrial cleaning service providers in Bangalore. You can book your desired cleaning services like Your villa or Home Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Corporate Buildings Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Sofa-carpet Cleaning and so many other services which will be served directly to your doorstep at your best suitable time and on reasonable prices with Fregro Home Cleaning Services in Bangalore. In this way, Fregro Home Cleaning Services makes your life easy and full of happiness and Comfort. We do Services in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad. Customer trust and safety are our top priority so we have strict criteria for our vendors and supportive staff.

The objective of Fregro cleaning services is not just to clean, but to feel the happiness within that environment. We at Fregro Home Cleaning Services serve our cleaning services for every Corner of your home, office, industries from top to bottom. We start Our cleaning services with Modern Machines and tools and eco-friendly chemicals. Our well-trained staff ensures high-quality Cleaning service with 100% satisfaction for each customer.

At Fregro Home Cleaning Services, we give you the best, recommended solution with our step-wise process of sofa cleaning services.

Sofa Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Fabric sofa cleaning:

Ultraviolet (UV) treatment to kill germs and allergens.

Dust Extraction using HEPA filter vacuum to extract dust and allergens.

Shampoo using 90% Foam, 10% moisture for effective cleaning and quick drying.

Moisture extraction using injection-extraction machines.

Leather sofa cleaning:

Vacuum using HEPA filter vacuum to extract dust and allergens.

Cleaning using water-based cleaners (depending on the leather type) to remove dirt marks.

Conditioning using leather conditioners for softness and shine.

Sofa Cleaning Services in Bangalore

NOTE: We test a small, invisible part of your furniture before proceeding with the complete service. We ensure sofa cleaning is safe for your children and pets.

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